1. A few rules to keep in mind
    The compulsory daily outfit consists of a t-shirt/polo, trousers/skirt and sweatshirt.
    The combination of different items is free, as long as the daily outfit includes a T-shirt and trousers/skirt and, where necessary depending on the season, a school sweatshirt.
    If necessary, for fitting reasons suited to the student’s body shape, navy blue trousers are permitted as an alternative to the school uniform trousers. Jeans are not allowed.
  2. From Year 1 onwards – The outfit for sport includes t-shirts and shorts. Depending on the season, students may also wear the fleece items that belong to the daily outift. Any other sports items on the e-commerce are optional.
  3. From Year 1 onwards – House T-Shirt to be worn on days when ‘House activities’ are scheduled.
    For new students, they will be assigned to the ‘house’ during September; from then on it will be possible to order the t-shirt corresponding to the ‘house’.
  4. Dark or white shoes/trainers and socks are required (no bright colours).
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